Reviving ancient skincare rituals and herb formulations for delicate modern-day skins

Reviving ancient skincare rituals and herb formulations for delicate modern-day skins

One Australian company has brought treasured ancient skincare ingredients into the modern age with gentle, skin-friendly formulations to make your shower experience something truly special and soothing.

Agarwood, also known as the 'Wood of God', is a musky, earthy, sensual yet complex byproduct of the ancient Agarwood trees native to South East Asia and parts of India. As an ingredient, it has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and age-old rituals within the Hindu religion see it highly revered as the ultimate healing multi-tasker.

And it's no wonder. Associated with wealth and luxury for eons, for its rarity and abilities to bring healing, Agarwood resin:

⦁ Moisturizes and softens
⦁ Fights the first signs of ageing
⦁ Has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties
⦁ Removes bacteria from the skin
⦁ Offers some sun protection
⦁ Boosts collagen production
⦁ Calms and soothes problematic skin by reducing irritation, redness, swelling and even puffiness.

For these reasons, coupled with a deep appreciation of time-honored beauty rituals, Melbourne-based beauty brand De'Aurora has revolutionized skincare for delicate and sensitive skins by returning Agarwood to the forefront as their 'hero ingredient' for their skincare line.

Their range includes luxurious salon-ready hand & body washes, all featuring the healing benefits of Agarwood and blended with other precious herb formulations painstakingly selected and tested by De'Aurora's team of dermatological experts.

Along with Agarwood is the addition of Myrhh and Frankincense to their best-selling aforenamed Hand & Body Wash, both harking back to biblical times for their woody, sweet, medicinal notes and amazing skin support healing properties.

The 'King of Oils', Frankincense delivers relaxation and tension release while clearing blemishes and soothing skin. At the same time, ancient Myrrh, once more valuable than gold, supports skin health, acts as an anti-bacterial, and improves circulation.

Together, they make a formidable skin-soothing duo, dating back to thousands of years and one that's laid dormant until now.

While speaking of active ingredients, let's not forget nourishing organic aloe vera juice, a key active ingredient in all De'Aurora's signature hand & body washes. Vitamin and antioxidant-rich, it's known to hydrate, cleanse and improve chronic skin conditions like acne, dermatitis and psoriasis. That's why it's a vital ingredient used in the De'Aurora lab to provide the very best in high-value skin-kind shower care.

Choosing only natural ingredients and hand-blending their formulation in Melbourne, Australia, with laboratory assistance from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), De'Aurora's premium body care products are light-weight, moisturizing and delicately-scented with essential oil extracts without the nasties.

They aim to provide skincare and support poor skin conditions and with the magic mix of organic aloe juice and Agarwood and the omission of lathering agents that can strip the skin of their natural oils, leaving skin feeling dry and flaky.

Unlike store-bought formations, De'Aurora products are gentle in every sense; light-weight, delicately scented, and milky in application, meaning the skin is benefiting from the ingredient blend, leaving you hydrated, even after one use.
For gentle, healing care for sensitive skins that feels like you've stepped out of a luxury hammam, choose De'Aurora's premium body care range for an all-natural, affordable way to bring out the very best in your skin.

Written By: DeÁurora Lifestyle Team, Melanie.

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