Benefits of Grapeseed Scrub

Benefits of Grapeseed Scrub

Grape seeds – they are those nasty little things inside a perfectly good grape. It seems their whole purpose in life is simply to annoy you!

But don’t judge a book by its cover, when they are crushed and used in a face and body scrub, those annoying little things have some magical skincare powers.

So, what are the benefits of grapeseed scrub for your skin?

Smooth and refine skin
That’s what we all want isn’t it? Particularly as we get a bit older (I’ve heard). Grapeseed scrub will help to brush away impurities, smoothing, refining and invigorating your skin. Exfoliating your skin with this delicate scrub will leave it clear and glowing.

Gentle cleansing
Grapeseed powder is a gentle exfoliator. It gently cleanses away dead cells and pollutants. No harsh walnut shells here, so your skin is less likely to come out red and irritated. Your skin will feel cleansed and refreshed.

With all those impurities and dead skin cells removed, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. They become less visible immediately! Skin is smoothed and evened out. It is amazing what such a simple thing can do!

Increase skin health
Using grapeseed scrub regularly on your body helps to stimulate circulation and blood flow. This means that your skin gets more nutrients and moisture, which means it is healthier and glowing.

How can you fit this into your day?
All of this sounds amazing, but how can you fit another product into your daily skincare routine? There are enough steps already, you don’t need another! Your day is busy enough.

As a busy, working mum with twin babies, I can have precious little time to myself for selfcare and ‘me time’. What I’ve found is that a couple of times a week, once the twins are in bed and asleep, I hop in the shower and spend a good half hour in there. This is my time. I can scrub, mask and moisturise.
Taking just a few minutes for myself is incredibly important. It makes me feel human again! It is pure magic!

I would say to every busy professional or hectic mum, work something like this into your routine. It doesn’t even have to be a daily thing; it can be once or twice a week. Whatever you can manage will make a world of difference!

Written By: DeÁurora Lifestyle Team
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