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What is intimate wash and how is it important for maintaining Vaginal pH?

More recently at supermarkets and chemists, the number of special creams, washes and soaps for your intimate areas have been popping up and promise to restore pH. The environment in your nether regions is more sensitive compared to other parts of your body. This means that a quick wash with a normal bar of soap or gel doesn’t really do the job.

Instead, at DeAurora we recommend that all men and women add the best natural intimate wash to their usual hygiene routine. There are added benefits to using intimate washes, as such they are all natural, prevent itchiness and dryness, and also assist in removing residue after sex.

But what is genital pH and why should you care about its balance?

pH is an indicator of how acidic something is from a scale of 0 (very acidic) to 14. If your pH is not at an optimal level, you can experience irritation photos and even infection in this area.

When your pH is at a normal level the good bacteria, lactobacilli, are at a healthy level which then means the pH is kept low. However, every so often there are changes in the environment that open intimate areas to bad bacteria instead. Some of these interferences with pH include blood and semen which can alter the balance after sex and menopause, where women can experience dryness.

DeAurora’s intimate wash with antibacterial properties, agarwood and Blue Lotus is scientifically made for everyday use. Our natural intimate wash is available for both women and men and eliminates odors and conditions skin in your most intimate areas. It has been uniquely formulated with select ingredients for gentle cleansing. At DeAurora we use many natural ingredients to maintain the pH in your intimate areas. Our intimate wash will provide you with lasting freshness and confidence.

Maintaining your intimate hygiene is equally important for women as it is men. Our intimate washes are unisex and can be used daily, as it is mild and effective when having a bath or shower to ensure your skin stays clean and fresh. Shop our intimate wash in our online store.

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