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The history of Pink Lotus and the benefits and characteristics of Pink Lotus oil

The Pink Lotus, also known as the Nelumbo nucifera or ‘flower of life’, is the national flower of India. These flowers are considered the most sacred flower in Hinduism and Buddhism and the flower symbolizes the essence of Buddha.

The flowers are often seen alongside priests and pharaohs in Hieroglyphics from Ancient Egypt.
The flowers are grown naturally in Australia, Russia, China and Iran. This means they are very strong and have been around since before the ice age.

Medicinal benefits of the Pink Lotus flower

The flower, often called a waterlily, gets harvested all year round and has many therapeutic benefits. The Pink Lotuses are used to treat internal bleeding and other symptoms including diarrhea and cholera and can even relieve skin irritation.

Pink Lotus is also well known for its euphoric effects but can also have a soothing effect meaning it can reduce stress and anxiety. Studies have found that extracts may also have antidepressant effects.

Research has demonstrated the medicinal effects that the Pink Lotus has on the body, from anticancer to antioxidant effects. One study even found that within the pollen part of the plant, the leaves, petals and stamen, there are strong antioxidant and inhibited enzymes that relate to Alzheimer’s disease.

Characteristics of Pink Lotus oil

The oil from the Pink Lotus is naturally extracted oil from the natural flower petals. There is a nourishing property to the oil, making it an ideal oil to be used as a massage oil. It is also often used in lotions, luxury soaps, aromatherapy products and bath oils.

In summary, the Pink Lotus is one of the rarest and most precious natural aromatic ingredients symbolising the subtle qualities of purity, divinity and beauty. It contains many elements that exhibit health benefits, including antioxidant and antibacterial effects.

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