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The history of He Shou Wu and its hair growth benefits

He Shou Wu, derived from the Polygonum multiflorum Thunb plant, is one of the most popular herbs in China. It translates to the elixir of life. While being native to China, it can also be found in Japan and Taiwan.

The plant is a type of plant itself is a type of vine and once it is harvested, the leaves and roots become separated. Upon being combined with other ingredients, remedies are created that treat different conditions. Some of these include grey hair and hair loss, diabetes, hair loss, constipation and even cancer.

The History of He Shou Wu

The name He Shou Wu came from a man in the Tang dynasty who had his infertility cured by this magical herb. He took the herb to restore his youth and vitality. His grey hair was rejuvenated back to black and lived to 130 years old.

The benefits of He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu works by nourishing the liver and kidneys and stimulates blood circulation to the scalp thus providing healthier hair. Melanin is produced from He Shou Wu and decreases greys while darkening hair back to the original color

You have to be careful when taking He Shou Wu as potency and quality are key. The plant should be growing for at least 4 years and prepared by a registered herbalist.

How does He Shou Wu provide benefits for hair growth?

He Shou Wu can assist with speeding up hair growth. It can also stimulate new hair growth from the follicles. It has also been proven to provide benefits for hair that is experiencing pigmentation (that is , it helps reverse grey hair!)

He Shou Wu is also popular for Hair growth, not just colour. In Chinese medicine, the kidney organ is responsible for the regulation of hormones such as DHT. Studies have shown loss of hair if DHT is too high. By balancing the body’s organs, studies show that He Shou Wu is seen to activate and restore inactive hair follicles.

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