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The benefits and uses of organic honeysuckle essential oil

Our carefully crafted honeysuckle oil, also known as honeysuckle essential oil, is sourced from the flowers of the Lonicera. Honeysuckle oil has a sweet, honey-like smell with floral aromatic notes that are reminiscent of spring. There are hundreds of varieties of the honeysuckle species, and the oil possesses a number of uses and health benefits.

What is honeysuckle oil used for?

Honeysuckle essential oil is used widely in aromatherapy as it improves mood by relieving stress. It also keeps you feeling relaxed and has a calming effect on your mind. Honeysuckle essential oil is often used as an aphrodisiac since it improves and enhances feelings.

Honeysuckle is widely used in the cosmetic industry and cosmetic products as it is known for its use on skin. The benefits include regenerating skin cells and repairing damaged tissues. It can also reduce symptoms of inflamed skin and pigmentation. There are also signs that the oil can tighten pores and alleviate symptoms of acne.

Furthermore, there is evidence that honeysuckle oil might be beneficial in treating eczema and other skin conditions. It can be a great remedy for treating burns due to its antibacterial properties.

Honeysuckle essential oils are also a natural remedy used in hair care. There are compounds in the oil that contribute to the rejuvenation of dry hair and hair with split ends. You can add a couple of drops of oil to your shampoo or conditioner to give your hair a nourished look.

The history of honeysuckle and essential oils

Honeysuckle oil not only smells amazing but also has anti-inflammatory properties and antibiotic qualities. These are essential in treating infections, cold and flu, arthritis, muscle pain and more. This is why during the 1300s to 1700s when plagues were rampant in Europe, essential oils became popular. Four robbers devised a concoction to treat and ward off symptoms from the plague that used essential oils. Eventually the robbers got caught out by the King of England, who asked them how they avoided the illness. The robbers explained the infusion of vinegar and essential oils that they had rubbed on to their head and hands.

DeÁurora body scrub with honeysuckle oil

Our natural pure grape seed total body scrub that includes honeysuckle oil, is an organic exfoliant. It’s free from harsh chemicals, vegan, paraben-free, sulfate free and not tested on animals. Our scrub is Australian made, owned and will leave your skin feeling smooth, brighter and free of dead skin cells. The honeysuckle and grapeseed oil are high in anti-aging properties, assisting in cell regeneration. Try our total body scrub for yourself to see the benefits.

Written By: DeÁurora Lifestyle Team

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