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The benefits and history of the Blue Lotus Flower

The Blue Lotus flower, also referred to as Nymphaea caerulea, Blue Egyptian Lotus, and Blue Lotus of the Nile is a water lily that grows mostly in Eastern Africa from Egypt to Southern Arabia.

It is a small round blue flower that sits on top of the water and can be found in rivers, lakes and pools. The Blue Lotus is quite magical as it opens in the morning and then closes in the early afternoon.
What is the history of the Blue Lotus Flower?

It was grown by the Ancient Egyptian civilization and had significance in their religion as it was perceived as a way to connect those to the divine. Women would wear these flowers as a fashion statement. The flowers were also found on Tutankhamun’s body, around the tomb and in his jewelry and ornaments. The flower was often mixed with wine which was then shared during ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations.

What are the benefits of Blue Lotus?

The Blue Lotus is now an endangered plant however, it can provide many benefits from increased relaxation, lucid dreams and can even inhibit feelings of anxiety.

The Blue Lotus is seen to give a mild sense of tranquility being euphoric. It is known to enhance meditations and with the mix of wine, can further heighten joyful and social experiences.

The extract of the Blue Lotus can be used in many forms. It has been seen in baking and is often cooked into recipes or teas. It is known for its many healing properties from boosting health to treating certain illnesses. The seeds are even known for their anti-aging and antiviral properties while the leaves have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The flowers of the Blue Lotus are used to relieve stress and anxiety so it is often used as a sleeping aid.

Oils are also a very popular mix of the flowers. A few drops of diluted oil can make a gentle massage oil. The active chemicals will absorb into the skins and give both the giver and receiver of the massage a psychoactive experience.

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