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How DeÁurora mouthwash prevents gum disease

How DeÁurora mouthwash prevents gum disease: The difference between natural mouthwash vs supermarket brands

Did you know that mouthwash was originally found and recorded in Ancient Rome in AD1? That’s right! Romans used to purchase bottled urine to rinse their mouth out, as it was thought to whiten teeth and disinfect the mouth. This then started to develop and there were many other liquids used such as tortoise blood, goats blood, mint and vinegar.

Eventually in the 1800s alcohol was added which replaced urine to help fight bacteria and bad breath. In 1879 Listerine was founded by Johnson & Johnson as they were inspired by Dr Joseph Lister who became the first surgeon to perform an operation in a chamber sterilised with antiseptic. Listerine was a mouthwash used to clean mouths and wounds.

What is the difference between synthetic mouthwash and natural mouthwash?

Nowadays you can pick up many types of mouthwash in the local supermarket, however, you may not be aware of the symptoms that could arise from using these products.

Common symptoms of synthetic products are dry mouth or xerostomia which is often seen with synthetic mouthwashes, in particular products that are high in alcohol. Due to the high content of alcohol, this decreases saliva and increases the risk of gum disease.

These products also have a number of unknown ingredients and preservatives in them that it can be hard to actually understand what they contain. Eventually, after frequent use of these mouthwashes our body develops resistance, and it becomes quite harsh on the mouth.

Natural mouthwashes are becoming more in demand due to all the benefits that come along with them. They also contain ingredients that you can actually pronounce!

These natural alcohol-free alternatives, like DeAurora’s mouthwash, include popular ingredients like peppermint, clove and rosemary oils. The natural herbs help to maintain impeccable oral hygiene without disturbing the mouth’s natural balance. These natural ingredients also mean that there is no irritation.
Products such as DeAurora’s mouth and throat wash are excellent in fighting against bacteria. Being alcohol-free means no dry mouth, is pH balanced and has a fresh spearmint taste by using natural ingredients. It’s also all Australian made and vegan.

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